Ohio’s 11th congressional district

As a constituent of Ohio’s 11thcongressional district, I am represented by Marcia Fudge in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 11thdistrict is comprised of a collection of suburbs surrounding the city of Cleveland, including both semi-rural and urban communities. Congresswoman Fudge surely realized the diversity among the district’s interests as she committed her talents to the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Congressional Military Family Caucus, Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, Congressional Diabetes Caucus, Northeast, and finally the Midwest Congressional Coalition. Additionally, the Congresswoman has dedicated her time within the House of Representatives to serve in the Committee on Agriculture; a salient topic to the rural communities of her district, as well as the entire state of Ohio. Congresswoman Fudge focuses her efforts on conservation and nutrition which is viewed as an extension to the Congresswoman’s fight against poverty within the 11thdistrict. She also serves as a member of the House’s Committee on Education and the Workforce. The Congresswoman has tactfully positioned herself amid the issues of “Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education,” as well as “Workforce Protections” within this committee. Here, she is equipped with the resources to alleviate systematic inequities that have led to evident educational dichotomies in the 11thdistrict. Fudge believes that combating resource inequality at an early stage can enhance educational experience and economic growth. In reflection of this belief, Fudge has ensured her participation on issues surrounding educational growth by introducing bills such as H.R. 193 (Core Opportunity Resources for Equity and Excellence Act), as well as supporting congressional acts within the agricultural sector that support her platform on nutrition. Support for the Congresswoman is evident by her tenure within the legislature. Congresswoman Fudge has been representing the 11thDistrict since 2008 and is expected to maintain her standing with the House considering her constituencies continual Democratic tendencies.

More locally, I am represented by Janine R. Boyd in the Ohio House of Representatives. Representative Boyd, a Democrat, has been serving within this position since 2015, winning by a considerable margin. In 2017, Representative Boyd worked as a member of the Committee on Aging and Long Term Care, the Committee on Community and Family Advancement, the Committee on State and Local Government, and finally the Committee on Ways and Means. Generally, Representative Boyd strives to implement state-level policies paralleled with those supported by Congresswoman Fudge. Included within this endeavor is viewing education as an avenue for an enhanced workforce, as well as crafting comprehensive healthcare initiatives. Recently, Representative Boyd’s work reflects a commitment to debasing legislation that perpetuates gender inequity, and fostering action that supports immigrant communities.

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