Short Writing Assignment #3

Section 1:
Foreign policies:
Making of the wall- law enforcement at the border humanitarian assistance, law enforcement, drug detection, and loop holes to end child smuggling
Imposing tariffs on china (making a new trade deal) – protect American jobs, reduce chronic trade deficit, and end unfair trade practices
Reciprocal trade act- charging other countries the same amount for the same product
NATO- increase in defense spending

Domestic policies:
USMCA- bring back manufacturing jobs
Lower costs of health care and prescription drugs
Global freeloading giving- price transparency for American patients
School choice for American children- help parents pay for school
Paid leave for parents
Prohibit the late term abortion

Section 2:
The government division was something that was prominent throughout the State of the Union address; more specifically, when Trump was referring to the benefits of building the wall. Most, if not all, of the democrats were sitting down and there was a clear distinction between what the republicans believe and what the democrats believe. There was not a hint of compromise because he ended his statement on immigration by stating that no matter what the wall will get built. There was no hint of letting others factor into his decision and he is set on constructing the wall. Although, it is something that he has been promising to make, yet it has been two years where he has promised that Mexico will pay for the completion of it, but it hasn’t happened. He knows the negative implications that it would cause, and he still promises to make it. The way that Trump is trying to portray the United States and the power that he has is overwhelming. He repeatedly spoke about the very “little” impact that other countries have on the United States. For example, when he was speaking about the NATO contract and how he demanded an increase in defense tariffs, he claimed that many believed it could not happen. It demonstrates how he holds himself to very high standards and thinks he can do things others can’t do. There is a small mention about having both parties work with each other to help pass this legislation. For a decision that impacts the United States heavily, it is important that both parties agree or disagree with this because it could potentially change a lot the way that other countries view the United States.
In the democratic response, Stacey Abrams explains that building a wall only causes disturbance and how the United States thrives from having immigrants. She also states the disagreement toward the abortion right in the case of Roe v. Wade, which he is trying to change. Stacey Abrams also speaks on the differing opinion on how there are still groups that are marginalized, such as the LGBTQ community. The fact that there is a huge discontent on the side of the democrats is concerning because it demonstrates that Trump really doesn’t take into consideration everything that is happening and the way that they feel towards some of these topics. By trying to portray himself as an educated leader, he is causing a division between the U.S citizens and creating more racial tension.

Section 3:
The agendas for Puerto Rico and the United States are very different. In comparison, the United States seems to be more focused in fixing international affairs and doing things to establish itself as the strongest power. On the other hand, it seems like Puerto Rico is only focusing in trying to fix the issues that it faces. For example, it is trying to fix problems that are centered in environmental well-being and problems that are impacting the community. It seems that Trump does not care about what half of congress believes by trying to institute things that go against something that they advocate strongly against, such as the wall.

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  1. Overall I agree with most of your statements and think you did well with the assignment. One thing I would argue is that Trump didn’t completely dismiss the idea of working and compromising with the Democrats. I think he mostly indirectly mentions it when he comments about all parties “working together” without explicitly stating how that would happen.

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