SWA #4

Devon Hopkins


Intro to Politics


Kamala Harris vs Elizabeth Warren

Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren seem to be worthy candidates for the Presidential election of 2020. They both seem to have the best interest of the American people at heart and are willing to fight to make sure that change is made that benefits us all. Kamala Harris focuses on issues surrounding legislation to provide sweeping tax cuts for the middle class, addressing the high cost of rent, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, making higher education tuition-free for the vast majority of Americans, reforming the cash bail system, protecting the legal rights of refugees and immigrants, and expanding access to affordable, quality health care with Medicare for all. Her slogan is “Kamala Harris, for the people” and this represents who she is and her main focus because it shows her goals are in favor of “the people” of America in order to improve things for all. Elizabeth Warren focuses on similar issues and her main focuses include ending Washington corruption, rebuilding the middle class, strengthening our democracy, equal justice for all, and a foreign policy for all. Regarding her slogan, Warren seems to have a couple, but her most popular and important seems to be “Persist” which represents her and her intentions because it shows her willingness to fight with consistency until as many of her goals are achieved as possible.

Kamala Harris’ character based on her website can be described as genuine for the simple fact that she seems to practice what she preaches. On her website she is described as a “fearless advocate for the voiceless and the vulnerable” and she has shown this by doing things such as successfully suing predatory for-profit colleges who scammed students and veterans and fighting for marriage equality. These tactics show her willingness to fight for “the people” as well as anything she believes in. Her character can also be seen in her pictures and video on her page as she always has a seemingly large genuine smile on her face and is always willing to embrace her supporters when making contact. Based on her page she is trying to appeal to the middle class but also shows an interest to make things better for Americans as a whole. Elizabeth Warren’s character based on her website can be described as self-aware because she acknowledges that even though she has gone through her own struggles, she knows that there are people who have it worse, and that shows that she cares about all people outside of herself and has all American’s best interest at heart. Bases on her pictures and websites she is full of energy and truly invested in her goals. Like Harris, Elizabeth’s target group focuses mainly on the middle class but also supports Americans as a whole.

Most recently, Kamala Harris has been in the news for her proposal to increase teacher pay across the nation which is a $315 billion plan that would increase teacher pay by $13,500 on average. In an article on New York Magazine they quote Politico stating that it was “the most aggressive and expansive education proposal among the 2020 field.” This aligns with one of her promises to increase pay to a certain extent which is explained on her web page. One thing Elizabeth Warren has been in the news for is her plan to make changes to the Farming system in America. This doesn’t necessarily align with any specific thing referenced on her website, but it does show how she truly wants to make an impact on all Americans and is taking charge to do just that.

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