SWA #4

The two candidates that I have decided to compare are Senator Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro. They both come from different backgrounds and because of that they focus their campaign on very different issues. Elizabeth Warren advocates for the middle class and demands that people should start paying more attention to issues they face. She states that it is creating a gap between the rich and the poor that is getting harder to fix because of various reasons. She states that if elected should would do everything possible to strength labor unions in order to provide better working spaces for these workers. She also states that one of her priorities is to tax the rich a proper amount based on their wages. On the other hand, Julian Castro focuses his campaign on immigration. He states that his family had to go through this transition of moving to a new country; therefore, he understands the struggles that immigrants face. Similarly, because he is Latino, he wants to help minorities with the more prominent struggles being faced today.
Based on their background, both candidates demonstrate to be family oriented. Both of their webpages contained pictures of their families. Therefore, they are centralizing their campaign around them. Although, both are trying to appeal to very different groups of people, they both have strong messages about what they are trying to create. Something that is different from both candidates that really stuck out was the fact that Julian Castro runs his own page; whereas, Elizabeth warren does not. Although this is apparent when looking at their webpages, it seems that they have similar ways of governing. They seem to be focusing more on broader issues that they care about and not what every individual wants.
Looking at media circling both candidates there seems to be more controversy with Elizabeth Warren. Many of the media sources talk about the scandal with the DNA Testing that she performed in order to determine whether or not she has Native American blood (Boston News). On the other hand, there wasn’t a major issue that was presented against Julian Castro. Most news coverage was about his plans to help young Latinos and his plans to help the Latino community. In the webpages, there wasn’t a lot of discussion about what Elizabeth Warren is planning on doing with her campaign. The news constantly compares her candidacy with that of Hillary Clinton. This could be bad because the public saw the allegations that were made against Hillary Clinton and the emails, which really impacted her negatively. Similarly, they believe that the same thing will end up happening with Elizabeth Warren. Julian Castro, on the other hand, shows a lot of coverage dealing with the Hispanic community and with other people. In a lot of news outlets Julian Castro comments on creating opportunity for all people and portrays him in a way that makes him seem more friendly towards the public. These are two very different candidates, and both have really good ideas, but in the end the public is the one that get to decide who they name their next president.

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